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West Nashville Sober Living Homes

West Nashville Tennessee is very desirable location for sober living homes. A Design for Living Recovery Homes has four sober living homes in the West Nashville area. Our Sober living residences in West Nashville offer our clients safe, comfortable, clean, and positive living space to start their early recovery journey. Going from a treatment center into a sober living home can be challenging. That is why our homes focus on practical application of real world recovery. It is some what easy to stay sober in treatment, what's important is what you do after treatment. A Design for Living Recovery Homes will give you and your loved one a structured sober living environment to enable them or you to have success life after treatment.


About our West Nashville Sober Living Homes

A Design for Living Recovery Homes sober living are more than just a "nice house." We believe that is what separates our sober living homes from others in the area. We will provide the safe space for you or your loved one to live in, but also we will set them up with real world recovery they can with them when they leave our homes. Here are some of the services we provide for our clients.


24 hour on-site staffing


Weekly meetings with House Manager focusing on life skills


In house 12-step meetings and book studies


Frequent drug and alcohol testing


Fellowship activities within the sober living homes and 12-step communities


12-step sponsorship


Volunteer opportunities including food banks and other non-profits

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