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All Residents are provided their own bed with shared living space among their fellows. There are Guidelines in place to keep the environment safe and clean such as weekly chores, a curfew, and Drug Test Policy.  Residents are also required to attend at least 5 12- Step recovery meetings per week which is monitored on their cell phone.  Residents are required to have a sponsor and meet with that sponsor for step work.  Residents are also required to attend 1 mandatory "House Meeting" every week to create community in the home and bring to light any struggles or positive moments they may be having.

 A Design For Living Recovery Homes are 12-step based Sober Living environments that create a safe, clean and substance-free home for individuals to learn how to LIVE. LIFE. SOBER.


Sober Living is an important part of the road to recovery. Please feel free to call or email at anytime!

Serving locations in East Nashville, West Nashville, North Nashville, and Dickson

Clint Ellis

General Manager

Cell: (314)- 203-0788

Email: clint@adesignforlivingrecoveryhomes.com

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