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Justin Coggins

Justin has been in the Sober Living Industry for 4+ years and created a reputation of "People over Profit". He started A Design For Living with 1 house after his final stay in a treatment center in 2016.  His experience was gained over many years of his own living experiences in sober living homes throughout the southeast. After living in many sub-par environments himself he wanted to create a place that people could come home to after treatment and feel as though their lives were getting better, not worse!

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Clint Ellis

Clint began his journey in the Sober Living industry as a resident at A Design For Living Recovery Homes. After a year long stay in sober living he was offered a House Manager position.  During his time as a House Manager him and Justin grew closer and realized that they complemented each others' strengths and weaknesses well.  Clint is now the Director of Operations for the company and continues to bring a never ending passion and spirit to all of our homes.

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