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Nashville Sober Living Locations

A Design for Living Recovery Homes offers many locations for sober living throughout Nashville Tennessee. Nashville Tennessee has a thriving recovery community that can be a great destination for your sober living needs rather you are from Nashville or relocating. A Design for Living Recovery Homes 11 locations throughout Middle Tennessee, every sober living house offers structured living, accountability, community, and 12-step programming.

Nashville Sober Living Home

We pride our selves on having a variety of options for sober living home locations for our clients. Throughout Middle Tennessee you can choose what halfway house is convenient for you and your life based on location. Each sober living home offers different amenities and community, we try to match the right home for every client. We have learned that recovery is not a one size fits all.

East Nashville Sober Living Home

We offer two sober living residence in East Nashville. We encourage our potential clients to take a look at what halfway house in Nashville will accommodate their daily needs. If East Nashville is a great location for your halfway house needs, follow the button below to learn more.

West Nashville Sober Living Home

A Design for Living Recovery Homes has two locations in West Nashville for sober living options. If living in a hallway house in West Nashville is what you are looking for then follow the link below.

North Nashville Sober Living Home

Are you trying to relocate to North Nashville but are having trouble finding a halfway house in the area? Well a Design for Living Recovery Homes already has a sober living location in North Nashville! Feel free to follow the link below to learn more.

Dickson Sober Living Home

Are you ready to move out of the city? Well look no further, Our Dickson sober living home offers the same structure and amenities as our Nashville homes. The only difference is that this home is located in the small city of Dickson Tennessee. Dickson might be a smaller town than Nashville, but it does not lack in solid recovery. Follow the button to learn more.

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