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Sober Living Homes Near Me

Sober living homes offer a solution for individuals seeking life after treatment. They can provide comfortable accommodations with the structure of the sober living rules. If you live near Middle Tennessee and want to maintain sobriety, we highly encourage you to look into a sober living home. Many people leaving a 30 day treatment are resistant to entering a sober living home. It is our experience that maintaining long-term sobriety includes residing at a sober living home for an extended period of time.

What is The Difference Between 30 Day Treatment and Sober Living?

Although sober living and 30 day treatment are often placed in the same category, they serve two completely different purposes. 30 day treatment centers focus on introducing you to the solution to your problem and a sober living home is where you can practice applying the solution in the “real world” while remaining in a safe environment. In a 30 day treatment center you will stay at the facility 24/7. There, you will receive medical therapies and counseling that help fight the mental obsessions that accompany substance use disorder. Although 30 day treatment is important, it is less of a challenge to maintain sobriety in a sober environment. The real work begins when you leave a treatment center.

Since being in a 30 day treatment center is so different from a persons regular life, many people have a hard time transitioning back to normal life after rehab. This is where sober living comes in - sober living creates a safe environment where you can practice what you learned in treatment as you get adjusted to life in recovery for the first time.

Benefits of Sober Living

If you or your loved one wants to maintain sobriety, entering a sober living home is the start to a new life. To think that 30 days at a treatment center will “fix” years of drinking or using is flat out irresponsible. We believe that leaving a 30 day treatment is just the beginning of a life long journey. Here are some of the benefits that come with living at a sober living home:

  • Accountability

  • Safe living environment

  • Fellowship

  • Life skills

  • Career development

  • Spiritual education

  • 12 step meetings

  • Case management

  • Sober coaching

Once you have decided that you are willing to move into a sober living home, the hard part is finding the right fit. A Design for Living Recovery Homes prides itself on being a resource to all that call. Whatever your circumstance is please feel free to give us a call so we can help.

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